Are you new to our festival and have questions?

Question: Where the heck is Corcoran?

Answer: We are located 5 minutes west of I-94 in Maple Grove, 5 minutes south of I-94 in Rogers, and 5 minutes north of Highway 55 in Medina.

Question: Are chairs allowed in the concert?

Answer: No, there are no chairs allowed.  Seating is provided in the VIP tent area, and there is some limited seating on the hills and stands surrounding the concert area. Otherwise, it is standing only.  Who wants to sit when our bands are going to be rocking as hard as they are going to anyway!?

Question: What's included in the VIP package?

Answer: This is the BEST deal!  You get a parking area right near the main gate; you get unlimited food (provided by the Corcoran Meat's amazing!); you get 5 drink tickets; you get your own VIP beer station; you get a tent and seating to enjoy the food and music; and you get the closest access to the stage with an area fenced off just for VIP access!  How can you pass that up?

Question: Do you have camping?

Answer: Unfortunately, we do not. We are located minutes from a number of hotels and motels in Maple Grove, Medina, Rogers and Plymouth as well as a KOA straight north from us on County Road 101 in Maple Grove. Three Rivers Parks also offers some camping in nearby parks.

Question: Is there an age limit?

Answer: No, everyone is welcome. But we will be checking everyone's IDs and if you are not of age to drink, you will have a bracelet that identifies you as such. 

Question: If I only want to see one of the bands, do I have to pay full price?

Answer: Yes. Sorry.